Good Corporate Governance

          Section 2 Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
The Company will provide equal opportunity for all shareholders. And the right to vote in the meeting.
By number of shares One share is entitled to one vote and no action is taken. Restricting or abusing the rights or depriving
Rights of Shareholders Whether it is a major shareholder. Minority shareholders Institutional investors Foreign shareholders The Company
The Independent Director is responsible for supervising minority shareholders. Minor shareholders can provide suggestions.
In the case of a director
The Independent Director will investigate the matter and find out the correct solution. Case is a suggestion.
This is a major issue and affects all stakeholders. Or affect the business of the company. Independent directors
Propose this matter to the shareholders 'meeting for consideration as an agenda item in the shareholders' meeting.
The Company will facilitate the minority shareholders to nominate directors or propose additional agendas.
Date of shareholders meeting The Company will set clear rules in advance regarding the guidelines for shareholders.
To nominate persons to be directors. And the criteria to consider. The Company will add the agenda.
Is the minority shareholder proposed?


         Conduct of the meeting is in accordance with the regulations. The agenda is presented in detail.
Full agenda The information is clearly presented. It also does not add an agenda that does not inform people.
Shareholding is not necessary. In particular, the important agenda is that the shareholders must take the time to study the information before the meeting.
In case the shareholders can not attend the meeting by themselves. And allow shareholders to appoint a proxy.
To any independent director or person. Join the meeting instead. Use of Proxy The company has sent it ready.
With the notice of meeting Voting is transparent in the order specified. By election
The Board of Directors will allow the shareholders to exercise their right to appoint the directors by voting in person.
The Company has set up a committee to report any conflict of interest on any agenda. At least before the consideration.
In the agenda related to the Board of Directors' meeting The Company recorded such interest in the minutes of the meeting.
Board of Directors The directors who have a significant interest in not being able to give opinions are prohibited.
Independently on the agenda involved in the meeting on the agenda.


         In addition, the Company has set up a measure to prevent insider trading.
Relevant persons means directors, executives and employees in the relevant internal information (including partners
Marriage and underage children of such person).
The Company has a period of at least 1 month before the quarterly financial statement is disclosed. And annual financial statements and should wait.
Wait at least 24 hours after the disclosure to the public. It also prohibits disclosure of information.
To others


         The Company provided information to directors. And executives in relation to the duties that management must report securities holdings.
The Company and its penalty The Securities and Exchange Act BE 2535 and the Market Requirements.
Thailand Property In case that directors or executives are required to trade the Company's securities, the
Hold securities Company, spouse and minor children under Section 59 of the Act.
Within 3 working days, the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities know To publish to the public.