Our Story

Wattanapat Hospital Trang is a private hospital with 120 beds established for more than 60 years with the goal of providing qualified medical services for the people of the greater Trang area and for the visitors from abroad. Wattanapat Hospital Trang has become a trusted institute providing care with kindness and accuracy from staff that includes specialists, subspecialists, and multidisciplinary medical professionals. We employ the state of the art equipment at our facility.

In 2017, Wattanapat Hospital Trang became the first private hospital in the southern region of Thailand to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This has allowed us to grow, develop and expand. New buildings have been added and existing buildings renovated to increase our range of services. In addition to Wattanapat Hospital Ao Nang and Wattanapat Hospital Samui. This will provide a network of facilities to accommodate tourists and others in southern Thailand.