Company Profile

          Wattanapat Hospital Trang Public Company Limited ("the Company") was established in 1991 by Dr. Wittaya
Leilawat and Mrs. Amara Leelawat, both founders of the medical needs of the people.
Trang and neighboring provinces It is not enough because many hospitals in the area are not very large.
Traveling in the south is not easy. Both founders have initiated medical services.
Since its inception in 1957, the clinic has been established, known as the "Dr. Wit" Clinic.
The hospital is 50 beds in 1991 on behalf of the hospital. And changed from business
Families are business in the form of "companies." Hospitals continue to provide quality services to people in the area, including
Neighboring provinces always.

          Wattanapat Hospital Trang is located in Trang province, which has over 600,000 residents and is a province.
The main economics of agricultural products. And agricultural products processing Especially products.
About Rubber And palm oil. Including fishing. Trang has a border with the Andaman Sea.
Indian Ocean to 5 districts and adjacent to Krabi. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the South.
Wattana Hospital Trang has provided services to people in the province. And the neighboring province more than 60 years.
The reputation of the people throughout the area and the province around.
In addition, with the vision of the company's management. The opportunities for business growth, service.
The increase in medical tourism in neighboring provinces, especially Krabi province. It is a major tourist attraction.
Medical Clinic international Located at Ao Nang, Muang District, Krabi, on April 9, 2015, to be
The beginning of the expansion of the company's services. To the neighboring province.


         The Company has a core mission to operate the business. "Commitment to the development of medical quality. And service with standard
(International) based on moral and ethical values. And the highest satisfaction of service recipients ".
The company has always adhered to and adhered to. It is a source of quality service and growth.
Over the past 60 years,


          The Company The registered capital is 300 million baht. There are 120 registered patients.
Actual work is full. As of March 31, 2016, 34 rooms were available for 800 outpatients.
Per day after the establishment of clinical medicine. The first time in Krabi, about 1 year.
As a result, the company has set up a company.
The company has registered capital of Baht 1,200 million.
Totaling 150 million baht, with the objective of expanding the medical service business of the Company. It is located in Krabi Province.
As of December 31, 2016, the Company holds shares in  Wattanapat Hospital Ao Nang Co., Ltd. at the rate of 90.03 percent.

          Significant changes and developments.
Refer to Part 2 of the prospectus issued by the company. Page 3 -5